Howard Stern, Steph Curry Swear By The “Squatty Potty”

Oddly enough, in recent years, the most talked about bathroom accessory in American households has to be the “Squatty Potty”.

The products main goal is to “make your bad poops good, and your good poops great’, by helping the user sit in a way more suitable for the colon.

A demonstrator using the product:

Their outlandish commercials of the now famous “magical unicorn” have gone viral.

The company claims that using their product, it will help the horrible feeling of constipation and will release pressure in your bowels.

While it is proven that a squatting position is more natural, as we have previously written about, the squatty potty makes it even easier because you can actually still sit on the toilet.

When you use the squatty potty, your body is forced to relax the puborectalis muscle, making it easier on your colon while handling your business.

Several very well known celebrities have come out to support the product, such as “king of all media” Howard Stern.

Stern claims, “After using the squatty potty, I say wow that’s perfection, thank you squatty.”

Also, NBA MVP Steph Curry’s wife caught him putting squatty potties all over their household this summer.

In 2015, the company had sales up 600% at $15 million, which was not too surprising after their “magical unicorn” advertisement shown above went viral.

In a world with so much advertising, who would have thought that a magical unicorn going number two would draw so much attention?

Also noteworthy, according to the company, 70% of people who were introduced to the ad watched it entirely, which is shocking according to advertising statistics, especially for a two and a half minute long video.

Here are some shoppers proudly showing off their new accessory:

Overall, the product seems like it isn’t necessary for everyone, but it sure looks like it can provide help to those in need.

What are your thoughts on the popular bathroom accessory? Have you used the product? Let us know!

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