Harvard Doctor: Red Meat Mortality Dangers

Many have long debated the dangers of eating a red meat heavy diet. Red meats have been linked to many diseases including heart disease and cancer. This debate may have swung in favor of proponents of the “no red meat” movement.

In an article posted on Health.com, Harvard researchers have gained new insight into diets that have extinguished red meat from their daily consumption. They study 121,000 mean and women for 28 years. Out of those who participated, 20% died during the research.

Each additional serving of red meat that these participants ate on a daily basis was associated with a 13% higher risk of dying during those 28 years. The more processed foods such as salami, hot dogs and bacon increased that risk to 20%.

The study suggests that people should substitute at least one daily serving of red meat with fish, nuts, poultry, legumes or whole grains. By doing so, this would reduce the risk of dying in this stage of life by 7% up to 19%. The Harvard researchers also found that if everyone who participated in the study had lowered their consumption of red meat to less than half a serving a day, 8% of women’s deaths and 9% of men’s deaths could have been prevented.

Although the research concludes that all people shouldn’t become vegetarians, the proof is in the pudding about red meat. All of our Experts here at the Alternative Daily suggest plenty of substitutes for red meat.

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– The Alternative Daily


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