Why You Should Eat Your Fruit in the Morning

Fruit is an important (and delicious) part of any healthy diet, but there are still some things to consider about how to get the most benefits from it. The sugar in fruit is of course a natural form that is fine in moderation, but should not be eaten with full abandon either.

In fact, whether you eat fruit on an empty stomach or with a meal can alter the way your body digests it. For this reason it is suggested that fruit be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach.

When we eat fruit on an empty stomach, the digestive system breaks down the sugars in the fruit quickly and allows us to get the full nutritional benefits. Fruit is a great source of fiber, nutrients like vitamin C, and offers antioxidants that can reduce inflammation in the body. Eating fruit on an empty stomach can allow us to take in as many as these benefits as possible.

When fruit is paired with other food types in a meal however, the process is slowed down since the digestive enzymes have other work to do as well. This means the fruit ends up sitting in the body for longer than necessary and can actually start to ferment.

Rotting fruit in your gut can cause immediate annoyances, such as indigestion and gas, and longer-term issues with the digestive system. If you have ever experienced a meal that just wouldn’t settle, then you may have experienced this for yourself.

breakfast fruitsWhile eating fruit only in the morning can seem like a bit of an annoyance at first, you’ll soon realize the benefits and improvements in the workings of your digestive system. To get the most out of the fruit you eat, try to have a few different kinds of fruit in the same meal, which will add more nutritional variation.

Nutritional guidelines state that we should consume three to four servings of fruit each day, which equates to about two and half cups if you were to measure it out.

Keep it mind that it’s fine to do a little food mixing, such as nut butters or coconut milk in a smoothie, but keep your fruit meal planning as clean as possible. Here are some fruity breakfast ideas that will give you a variety of nutrients, the morning energy burst we all crave, and should keep you feeling full for a couple hours. Use these as inspiration and feel free to mix things up!

Berry fruit salad
Berries have some of the highest antioxidant levels of all the fruits, so they are an awesome choice in that department. They are also relatively low in calories. To make it a well-rounded meal, try a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and sliced strawberries. If you have a hard time filling up on the berries alone, eat a few almonds on the side or add a dollop of Greek yogurt into the mix.

Green juice with fruit
For a filling morning juice, try blending together some almond milk, kale, a banana, and some berries. The kale will bulk up the drink with greens, and the banana will give you tons of fiber from its high pectin levels, which will make your drink feel like an indulgent dessert.

-The Alternative Daily


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