Congress Finally Frees Hemp From Jail: Big News For Farmers and CBD Industry

Thanks, Congress for passing the Farm Bill,  making hemp legal in America. Long ago outlawed and thrown in the Controlled Substance Act along with all forms of the cannabis plant, hemp has had the black label of a Schedule 1 drug since 1970.

With the passing of the bill, however, CBD’s legal status is still a bit murky. Because the Drug Enforcement Administration classifies CBD as illegal, it has not said whether or not it will reclassify it now that hemp is legal to grow in America. At any rate, the passing of the Farm Bill is sure to have implications on the growing CBD industry.

What it’s all about

Legalizing hemp will give farmers a great opportunity to grow a new and lucrative crop. Hemp requires very little water, it is excellent for the soil and requires no pesticides. The Farm Bill removes restrictions that farmers have faced with hemp including restricted access to banking, water rights, and crop insurance, Now the US Department of Agriculture and state agencies are in charge of regulations. Some people think that hemp could even replace cash crops such as tobacco.

CBD industry expected to explode

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid of marijuana that has become so popular lately. It contains properties that can soothe anxiety, reduce pain and stress, and help with insomnia. You can find CBD in numerous products including vitamins, cookies teas, ice cream, sprays, massage oils, gummies, creams, and even dog treats for your anxious canine companion.

Because the DEA has not really cracked down on the CBD industry, it is growing quickly – with last year bringing in about $350 million worth of products. With the passing of the Farm Bill, it is likely to hit $1 billion by 2020. The good news is that now that the chains around hemp have been loosened, researchers will have better access to it to study its benefits.

The ban never made sense in the first place

While the growth of hemp was banned for some time, regulations on the importation of hemp products are much looser. As a result, much of America’s available hemp products have been coming in from our neighbors in Canada, bolstering their economy while depleting ours. Considering how easy it is to grow hemp and how many uses there are for it, this status quo didn’t make sense. Why would you allow the sale of hemp while restricting the growth of it?

Hemp is amazing and it is not marijuana

Like marijuana, hemp is bursting with goodness and can provide a wide range of health benefits. For instance, hemp seeds have high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids which are important for heart health and have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp seeds also contain plenty of soluble and insoluble fiber, meaning they can help support digestive health. What’s more, they’re high in protein, taste delicious, and are filled with other heart-healthy compounds such as the amino acid arginine. It’s not the same as marijuana

Most of the hemp-haters have developed their anti-hemp standpoint based on its perceived association to Cannabis sativa, aka marijuana. A study produced by the University of Minnesota should clear that misconception right up, showing that there is a significant genetic difference between marijuana and hemp. The verdict: Hemp won’t mess with your head, having only 0.3 to 1.5 percent THC (the compound which produces marijuana’s characteristic “high”), whereas marijuana has between five and 10 percent THC.  On the other hand, hemp oil contains 18-27% CBD while marijuana contains only 10-15% CBD.

It’s good for the planet

As mentioned above, hemp is crazily sustainable, needing very little fertilizer, requiring no pesticides and actually revitalizing the soil it grows in. It does this by simultaneously aerating the soil and fixing it with carbon dioxide as it develops, meaning crops that follow after the hemp will benefit more than if hemp hadn’t been planted there in the first place. In addition to hemp being a wonder crop, it has a massive range of uses, including paper, textiles, clothing, health products, biodegradable plastics, and biofuels.

It actually cleans up toxic wasteland

If ever there were a crop that was created to thrive in a nuclear holocaust, hemp is it. In less apocalyptic circumstances, however, it’s still exceedingly useful. It can suppress weeds, meaning little maintenance is required, and it can prevent the spread of invasive species. It uptakes and absorbs toxic chemicals, making it a very practical crop for cleaning up contaminated land. And it can even absorb radiation if that sorry event should ever come to pass.

It’s got a negative carbon footprint

This essentially means that hemp reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by acting as a carbon sink. This is the kind of thing America needs more of in its attempt to cut down on CO2 emissions and work toward becoming a carbon-neutral nation. What’s more, hemp products can also be carbon sinks — “hempcrete,” unlike conventional concrete, actually absorbs carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen.

It’s a super strong fiber

Hemp is one of the strongest plant fibers available and has traditionally been used by sailors to fasten ships and sails. Also, hemp can produce almost three times as much fiber as cotton and six times more fiber than flax using the same amount of land.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Here are just some of the conditions that are being helped by the use of CBD oil derived from the hemp plant.

Heart health: The volatile oils in hemp can help to improve heart health by balancing out adverse oils. In addition, the antioxidants in the oil help to keep cholesterol from building up on artery walls.

Insomnia: Cannabis oil helps to relax both the mind and the body by inducing a lower energy level. It helps to reduce heart rate and clear your head so you can rest.

Pain relief: People with inflammation, chronic pain or acute pain are being helped by the use of cannabis oil. This is one of the reasons people suffering from the pain of cancer and chemotherapy are turning to the oil for relief.

Stress and anxiety: CBD is a well-known stress reducer and is also very effective at relaxing the mind, releasing pleasure hormones, and inducing a sense of relaxation and peace.

It is a good day for hemp and an even better day for Americans! Watch for hemp to finally get the respect it deserves in this country!

-The Alternative Daily

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