Why Complimenting Yourself in the Mirror Can Keep You Positive

It’s not crazy, it’s natural: we all talk to ourselves. Some of us address ourselves out loud, and others do it mentally. The question is, what messages are you sending?

Just as it is important to be watchful of what we say to others, it is equally as important to closely observe the words that we say to ourselves. Depending on how we talk to ourselves, we can be our own best friends, or our own worst enemies. Believe it or not, what we say, even in our own minds, can have a dramatic impact on every aspect of our lives.

We really can alter our entire reality by the way we speak to ourselves, as we tend to subconsciously follow our own advice. If you are trying to lose weight, for example, and constantly tell yourself that you are overweight and lazy, your mind will focus on these thoughts, and change will be difficult to come by.

On the other hand, if you tell yourself that you are strong, deserve to be healthy and happy, and will enjoy the results that you want from your hard work, this will motivate you and give you the fire beneath your feet to succeed. This same concept trickles into infinite other areas, as well.

For another example, if you are looking for a relationship and tell yourself that you are unlovable, you will likely project a negativity that can be quite deterrent to others. If, instead, you tell yourself that you are a catch and have a lot to offer another person, this attitude can be absolutely magnetic.

The practice of positive affirmations – consciously telling yourself positive things and encouraging yourself – stems from the mantras of ancient eastern religions, including Buddhism. Buddha is quoted to have said: “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

One way to practice positive affirmations is to compliment yourself in front of the mirror every morning, in whichever way is most meaningful to you. Also, keep a conscious watch on negative messages you may tell yourself throughout the day, and if you catch one, correct the statement and turn it into a positive.

This practice may not have immediate results, as many of our negative thoughts are deeply ingrained within us, and difficult to reverse. However, if you keep at it, and allow yourself to believe the positive and uplifting things you say, you may see your life start to change for the better.

talking in mirrorSometimes, however, our negativity is stored so deeply in our subconscious minds that we may not even know we are sending ourselves negative messages, or refuse to believe ourselves when we try to think and speak positively.

In this case, it may be highly worthwhile to seek out a counselor you can trust, to start unraveling these negative thought patterns and opening your mind to the power of positivity.

-The Alternative Daily

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