Coffee May Shield DNA from Harm

Confession: We absolutely love reporting on the many (and ever-increasing!) benefits of coffee. There’s little more exciting than learning a new perk of a beverage we already know and love. We have previously covered how coffee is rich in antioxidants, may help to boost mood and metabolism, is associated with a healthy liver and may reduce type 2 diabetes risk.

Now, a new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition has found that drinking coffee on a regular basis may offer some protection to our DNA against oxidative damage, which if left unchecked can underlie many illnesses.

The authors of the new study wrote:

“Coffee consumption has been reported to decrease oxidative damage in peripheral white blood cells (WBC). However, effects on the level of spontaneous DNA strand breaks, a well established marker of health risk, have not been specifically reported yet. We analyzed the impact of consuming a dark roast coffee blend on the level of spontaneous DNA strand breaks.”

From their analysis, the study authors summarized: “We conclude that regular coffee consumption contributes to DNA integrity.”

To arrive at these results, the researchers enrolled 84 men, all of whom were in good health, and provided half of them with a daily 750-milliliter cup of dark roast Arabica coffee for four weeks. The other half of the men did not receive coffee, and simply drank water. No changes to the participants’ diet were made, and blood was taken at fixed intervals throughout the study, to be analyzed by researchers.

coffeeResults showed that in the beginning of the study, all of the men had comparably similar “levels of spontaneous DNA breaks.” After the study, the men who were not given coffee showed “slightly increased” DNA breaks, while the coffee drinking group saw a 27 percent reduction in DNA breaks.

The researchers state that these results add weight to the existing research that drinking coffee on a regular basis could ward off some forms of disease, especially those with oxidative damage at their core.

Time to celebrate with a steaming cup? We think so! But wait… first, check where your coffee came from. The absolute best choice for both your health, and the health of the environment, is organic, “Bird Friendly” coffee.

So, pick up some beans today, grind ’em up fresh, and revel in the goodness!

-The Alternative Daily


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