Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Kids This Year

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to give back to others, have fun, and make lifelong memories. Every family seems to have their own traditions during this time of year – their own way of having fun and making memories.

Here are a few of our favorite holiday traditions to consider teaching your children this Christmas.

Christmas countdown. Purchase or make a calendar that starts on the first of December. One with a pocket behind the dates works great. Behind each date, place a small goodie for your children. It could be a small toy, a piece of dark chocolate or a little note from Santa. Your little ones will love checking the calendar each day as it gets closer to Christmas.

Visit a tree farm. Instead of putting up a fake tree, or just buying a live one from Wal-Mart, make it a tradition to take your kids to a tree farm. They will love visiting the farm and getting to help pick out their favorite tree.

Make DIY ornaments. Teach your kids how to make fun Christmas tree ornaments. They can craft them with paper, glue, glitter, paint and even clay. Not only will the beautiful handmade ornaments look great on your tree, they also make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other family members.

Bake cookies. Even though it makes a huge mess and may not taste as good as you would like, baking cookies with your kids is a wonderfully fun experience. Not only is it educational when you teach your kids about kitchen safety and baking measurements, its also very enjoyable for your children.

Give gifts to others. Make giving back the theme of the season, and teach your kids how with this great tradition. Volunteer where help is needed, at a nursing home or soup kitchen, and take you kids along. Send gifts to other children who are not as fortunate and make meals for the sick and elderly. Your kids will understand the importance of giving back, and what the season is truly about.

Surprised baby in Santa hat having fun, Christmas and Happy NewTake a light tour. Strap in the seat belts and car seats, blare the Christmas tunes and head out on the town after dark. Take a tour of the neighborhoods to see everyone’s beautiful lights and decorations. Some areas even have a light show or parade you can visit.

Read a story. Make it a tradition to read a certain holiday story every Christmas eve. Your kids will love the family time, and it’s a great way for everyone to wind down the night before Christmas.

-The Alternative Daily


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