Where is the Best Place for You to Work Out?

Should you work out at home or at the gym? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Do you like privacy, someone motivating you, a personal trainer, or maybe a DVD? Wherever you decide to exercise, you should be happy with yourself because you’re taking a step toward a better you.

The kind of workout you would like to do, and the expense you would like to invest in your workout, will help determine where you should work out.

If you’re thinking of the gym, go to a few places and see what they have to offer. Maybe you’re into weight lifting. If that is the case, then obviously, you will need to have weight room. You will want to ask if they offer aerobic classes or have a personal trainer on staff. Also, what do they charge? Do they have a membership fee? Is it monthly?

One of the benefits of working out at a gym is that you tend to be more motivated. You certainly don’t want to be the slacker in the gym. Having other people around will help you get started and keep you going. There are also no distractions at the gym…. the wash… random cleaning… You went there to work out, so why wouldn’t you?

Another great motivator is the fact that you are paying all of that money for the gym membership, so again, why not work out?

The first downside side of working out at the gym is money. Gyms can be expensive, and sometimes you will have to sign a contract with them. So, it doesn’t matter if you go or stay home and veg, you’re still paying for your membership. Most people, when they first join a gym, are all gung ho with working out, but with time, excuses are made as to why they can’t get there. Make sure this won’t be you before you sign a contract.

Some other negatives surrounding the gym are that sometimes you have to wait for a machine, or maybe the classes are full.

Now on the flip side: if you’re thinking of working out at home, you have a lot of options. You may want to invest in home gym equipment that offers all the machines in one. There are also plenty of DVDs to choose from, with different aerobic or weight lifting instructions. It’s also good to have some hand weights or dumbbells of different weight sizes.

However, if you don’t want to purchase fancy equipment, you can still very effectively work out at home. Many exercises utilize your own body weight, or you can get inexpensive resistance bands for your strength exercises.

The main benefit of working out at home is the convenience. There is nowhere to drive, and you don’t have to dress to impress. Also, you can work out anytime of the day. Your home gym doesn’t close, and while the machines may be expensive, once they’re paid for, they’re yours.

The down side is, it may get boring working out on the same equipment day in and day out, although you can switch out your DVD. You will need room for your equipment – as it can take up a lot of room. If you’re doing exercises using your own body weight and resistance bands, there may be more variety, but it’s still possible to get bored.

At home, there is (probably) no personal trainer. The only person who can motivate you….is you.

fitnessBefore joining a gym, try working out at home. Buy some hand weights, which are relatively inexpensive, and maybe a DVD or two, and see if you have the discipline to work out at home. You’re not spending a lot and they would be handy to have in case you did want to skip the gym one day. You can decide from there where you would like to put your money – home gym or membership. Or maybe both.

The choice to work out at home or at the gym is a personal one. The important thing you have to remember is no matter where you are, you will want to get the best workout possible for you.

-The Alternative Daily


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