Combine These 5 Ingredients For An All-Day Energy Elixir

Picture yourself in your perfect world. After a full night’s sleep, you wake rested and ready to take on the day with plenty of energy. You eat a wholesome breakfast, making sure to combine all the macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates and vegetables), while your children —  if you have them — prepare for school without needing to be nagged.

You drive them to school, then make your way to your workplace where you do what you love and the kitchen is stocked with healthy food choices. You have a full hour for lunch and you eat it in a friendly looking cafeteria with soft music playing in the background. As you arrive at home, you take your time preparing another wholesome meal for the family, followed by quality time with your partner and/or children, then settle in to read a good book before you close your eyes for another relaxing night.

Well, wake up, sleepy head! The reality of our lives looks quite different for the vast majority of adults. With some luck, you’ll chow down a quick breakfast before you frantically scoop up the kids, drop them off, rush to work or back home where a huge load of laundry awaits. Your life is full of work, chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and the dream world is just that: a dream.

It is understandable that meals don’t always look like they came right out of a foodie magazine or cooking show. With our lives as busy as they are these days, it’s surprising for many when they manage to put one family meal on the table. Even among the health food community, where we pay so much attention to what goes into our bodies, we probably could use a little extra help to boost our energy for the day.

That is where this elixir comes in. When you combine any or all of the following ingredients in one powerful morning drink, you’ll start seeing benefits quickly.

Hot water (8 oz.)

Let’s start with hot water. We’re not talking about boiling hot water, so don’t feel like you need to burn your mouth. But warm to hot water actually has several benefits to it. First, it aids with digestion by helping to break down foods easier. Cold water, on the other hand, has a tendency to harden the oils that you’re eating, which makes absorption more difficult. Warm water also has a calming effect on the body and enhances your blood circulation. Finally, water is necessary to flush out toxins from the body.

Apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp.)

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been a popular addition to many people’s diets and lives. Consuming it before a meal will aid in digestion, helping those who suffer from low stomach acid. Apple cider vinegar also lowers blood sugar, which is especially helpful for people with type 2 diabetes. It is also said to reduce appetite; you’re likely to eat fewer calories during your meal.

Raw honey (2 tbsp.)

For a third ingredient, we recommend raw honey. Honey has been touted as the ideal pre-workout food. As a matter of fact, it trumps other forms of carbohydrates because it also contains vitamins and protein. Thanks to its antioxidants, honey is also a great immune booster. This is important especially as the days get shorter and colder, and we are exposed to more cold viruses. Should you already have a sore throat, raw honey has been shown to relieve soreness and itchiness, especially when combined with warm water.

Honey will provide hours of energy. Because it is sweet, it makes an ideal addition to your morning energy elixir. The combination of apple cider vinegar and raw honey is especially powerful. Even though they both have a low pH level, once consumed they turn alkaline and raise the overall alkalinity of the body, making you less likely to become ill.

Virgin coconut oil (1 tsp.)

coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is all the rage nowadays, and there’s good reason for it. The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil are easily absorbed. It is also low in cholesterol — as a matter of fact, it increases (“good”) cholesterol HDL. Plus, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The liver easily converts coconut oil into energy rather than store it as fat. The fat contained in coconut oil provides a quick and lasting source of energy and boosts the immune system. Some studies have shown that it increases brain function and better memory. Plus, coconut oil will slow down the absorption of other nutrients, which means you’ll stay fuller for longer. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but it makes a great addition to a warm morning beverage once melted.

Cayenne pepper (small shake)

Finally, to add a little spice to the mix, use some cayenne pepper. Be very careful with this ingredient. Not all people should consume cayenne pepper before breakfast, especially if they know they have a sensitive gut. If in doubt, leave it out.

However, if you want to experience with cayenne, start by adding very small amounts. Even a small dash adds a significant amount of spice to this elixir. Cayenne pepper provides vitamins B6, C and E and flavonoids which provide valuable antioxidants. When consumed, it stimulates the production of saliva and the flow of enzymes, which are vital for proper digestion. Cayenne pepper is helpful in regulating the circulatory system as well. It opens capillaries and regulates blood sugar, it relieves joint and nerve pain, and promotes weight loss as one of the key anti-inflammatory foods. It also controls appetite, which leads to intake of fewer calories.

How to make the elixir

It is relatively easy to mix these ingredients together. The oil and honey will dissolve quickly in warm water, so simply use a spoon and stir everything. The coconut oil will want to separate from the water, so it may be helpful to use a blender to mix your drink. This will make the elixir more frothy and it may go down easier if you have an aversion to drinking anything containing oil.

Consume this all-day energy elixir every morning. You may find it beneficial if you throw in an intermittent fasting day every now and then. Intermittent fasting is beneficial for lowering insulin and increasing metabolic rate, which in turn promotes easier weight loss.

This concoction of five powerful ingredients will provide valuable nutrients to your body. It will assist major organs such as your stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines. You may not wake up in your dream world tomorrow morning, but you can certainly help your body with a little extra boost throughout the day.

— Ute Mitchell

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