A Revolutionary Perspective on Cancer, and What We Can Do To Lessen Our Chances of Triggering It

Physicists Paul Davies and Charles Lineweaver have proposed a new theory on the origin and inner workings of cancer, one that is dramatically different from how the disease is commonly viewed.

Conventional thinking regarding cancer explains it as a series of random genetic mutations that accumulate over time.

However, Davies and Linweaver’s theory, detailed in this month’s issue of Physics World, hypothesizes that cancer is actually the inappropriate activation of a set of genes involved in the formation of the embryo, passed down from our ancient ancestors for this purpose.

While these genes are thought to “switch off” after embryo formation, and lie dormant in healthy adults, the interference of triggers such as chemicals, inflammation or radiation can re-activate the genes. This is theorized to occur if the triggers damage the bodily mechanisms that govern the functions of cell death and multiplication.

“To use a computer analogy, cancer is like Windows defaulting to ‘safe mode’ after suffering an insult of some sort,” writes Davies, the principal investigator at Arizona State University’s Center for Convergence of Physical Sciences and Cancer Biology.

Further experiments are currently being conducted worldwide to test this and similar theories. Whether the theory is shown to be entirely accurate or not, however, it is well-known that certain toxins and other risk factors are associated with triggering cancer.

While cancer is sometimes unavoidable – it happens to even the most health-conscious of us sometimes – there are things we can do to reduce our risk. Avoiding chemical compounds that are prevalent in the Standard American Diet, such as acrylamides, aspartame and artificial flavorings, for example, is a great start.

cancerIf cancer does strike, it is every individual’s personal choice how to deal with this difficult diagnosis. Some choose standard prescription methods such as radiation and chemotherapy, and some choose natural methods, of which there are many to choose from. Different methods have worked for different people, and no one but the affected individual should decide how to proceed in their fight against cancer.

As far as prevention goes, if cancer has certain triggers – and a great amount of research suggests that it does – doesn’t it make sense to avoid these triggers, and live the healthiest life possible?

An organic lifestyle, a moderate dose of sunshine, daily exercise and a stress-relief plan, perhaps including meditation, gives your body the best possible chance of functioning smoothly throughout your life – which we all hope is happy and long!

-The Alternative Daily


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