The 7 Worst Decorating Mistakes Ever

Decorating is a personal thing. Everyone has their own style and taste. With that being said, there are some decorating ideas that may not work out so well.

Before plunging into a decorating project, you may wish to consider avoiding the following seven pitfalls.

1. Overhead lighting. Lights that are too bright in a room can make you feel like you’re on stage. The use of lamps, dimmers and soft white light bulbs will help tone your room down.

2. Fake flooring. Like laminate, fake wood floors are made from oil byproducts. The use of real wood, especially if it’s recycled wood, is better for the environment, more durable and better looking.

3. Excess knick-knacks. There is nothing wrong with showing off a few pieces of your memorabilia, but make it just that… a few pieces. Any more than that is clutter.

4. Matching furniture sets. Having all your furniture match makes your room look a show room. It has no personality. If you mix different patterns and materials throughout your room, it will add some pizzaz, and your personality will shine through.

5. Fake flowers. Like fake flooring, don’t do it! Fake flowers look cheap, collect dust, and just look bad. One option is to have easy-to-care-for plants, like a flowering cactus.

Fotolia_52441721_Subscription_Monthly_M6. Decals or wall stickers. Save these for the kids’ room, not your living room. An alternate option might be to dress up one wall with textured wallpaper.

7. Lack of color. An all-white room may look good in a magazine, but in reality, it is
boring. If you don’t want to paint, add bits of color with a throw rug or a few pillows. You don’t need a lot, just enough color to give it some pop.

If you’re unsure about a particular decorating idea, it may be best to consult family, friends or a decorating expert to get additional input. The most important thing is that your home is pleasing to you and your family, and that you have fun!

-The Alternative Daily

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