66 Unbelievable Pictures And Videos Of Hurricane Harvey Disaster

More than 30,000 people were left in need of emergency shelter Monday in Houston, as the flood waters continued to rise. Residents used everything from kayaks to inflatable beach toys to reach safety, as streets and homes were flooded with more than 30 inches of rain.

By the end of the week, Houston is expected to receive a year’s worth of rain in a matter of days, in what one meteorologist, Dave Hennen, described as a “one-in-1,000-years-type of event.”

“Inland flooding from hurricanes is the deadliest part, more than wind and surge,” Hennen told CNN.

Flooding not only inundated streets, but even reportedly managed to reach the second floors of some homes in Houston’s worst affected areas. Despite the best efforts of emergency workers, at least two people were reported dead at the time of writing, with a total of 450,000 residents in need of some kind of aid.

Emergency services were overwhelmed by 911 callers and said they were prioritizing life or death calls. “This is a landmark event for Texas,” said FEMA Administrator Brock Long.
“Texas has never seen an event like this,” he said.

“This is a storm that is testing the city of Houston,” Mayor Sylvester Turner told reporters.
“The city will rise to the occasion,” he said. Even as the flood waters continued their advance, heroic stories of bravery and survival surfaced as Houston residents fought to save themselves and their neighbors.

On social media, messages of solidarity and support poured in from across the nation — and the world.

If you too would like to show your support for the people of Houston, then please give generously to the American Red Cross. Other charities supporting Houston include Greater Houston Community Fund and Foundation Beyond Belief. Alternatively, consider supporting one of Houston’s food banks, which will play an increasingly important role in the aftermath of the disaster. A full list of food banks can be found here.

— Ryan Mallett-Outtrim

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