6 Easiest Plants To Grow When You’re Just Starting Your Garden

6. Radishes  

Radishes grow well in full sun.

Nothing beats fresh radishes, and lucky for you, they’re easy to grow! Due to their rapid growth, you can often enjoy many crops each season. Another cool-season plant, it is recommended that you plant seeds four to six weeks before the average last frost.

Crowded plants do not grow well. After you sow seeds (one inch deep and one inch apart) and they have sprouted, thin to approximately two-inch spacings. Most importantly, radishes need full sun. If they are shaded, they will use their energy to produce larger leaves. Learn more here.

Get started with these six plants today! Then, next year, who knows what journey your green thumb will take you on. Keep learning and most importantly, enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.

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— Krista Hillis

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