52 Things to Stock up on Besides Food

There is something to be said for being prepared. Being prepared for an emergency situation takes just a little planning, and can provide considerable peace of mind.

Allocate a small closet or space in your laundry room for not only some extra food, but also some supplies that may come in handy. Here are 52 things you may not think of stockpiling, but should:

  1. Duct tape: It has hundreds of uses, but you already knew that!
  2. Baking soda: Shampoo, toothpaste, and cleaning.
  3. Buckets: Storage for water.
  4. Can openers:You want to be able to open up your stored food!
  5. Matches: For starting a fire, obviously!
  6. Charcoal: For cooking when needed.
  7. Cotton balls: For cleaning and starting fires.
  8. Super glue: Fixes almost anything duct tape will not.
  9. Dish soap: For cleaning virtually anything!
  10. Plastic bags: For storage and disposal.
  11. Candles: Extra light.
  12. Hydrogen peroxide: For cleaning and distilling water if needed.
  13. Paracord: Lightweight, heavy duty, and perfect for tying up anything.
  14. Propane: To power heaters and cook stoves.
  15. Nails: Plus a hammer for fixing things when needed.
  16. Sewing supplies: For fixing clothes and blankets, or making new ones.
  17. Steel wool: Keep things extra clean.
  18. Pens: As well as pencils, so you can send letters. Probably won’t have email….
  19. Blankets: For keeping warm when needed.
  20. Toothbrush: Keep those pearly whites nice and bright.
  21. Safety pins: You never know when you will need to hold something together!
  22. Water: You never know if you will be able to find a clean source.
  23. Books: Keep a few on hand for learning more survival skills.
  24. Tarps: Alternative shelter and weather protection.
  25. Toilet paper: This would not be fun to go without.
  26. Lamp oil: To refill lanterns.
  27. Pet food: You don’t want Fido eating all your food stock.
  28. Seeds: For planting food if needed.
  29. Soap: You’ve got to stay clean!
  30. Batteries: To charge up the necessities.
  31. Essential oils: For home remedies, cleaning and just smelling fresh.
  32. Dry herbs: For home remedies and cooking.
  33. Bandaids: In case anyone gets a boo-boo.
  34. Bandanas: Use them as a sling, headband or dish cloth. The possibilities are endless.
  35. Vinegar: Great for cleaning everything.
  36. Lip Balm: It’s no fun to have dry lips. Coconut oil works great.
  37. Boots: They will wear out fast if you do a lot of walking.
  38. Extra underwear: The zombies might scare the s**t out of you.
  39. Bikes: You might need alternative transportation.
  40. Gloves: To protect your hands and keep you warm.
  41. Backpacks: For carrying around everything you stocked up on.
  42. Coolers: Fridge alternative.
  43. Knives: Keep several sharp ones on hand.
  44. Flashlights: To light the way. Make sure you always have the right batteries.
  45. First aid kits: Keep one on hand all the time.
  46. Axes: To chop wood.
  47. Lanterns: Light without electricity.
  48. Camping stove: An alternative for cooking.
  49. Hats: Keep yourself warm and protected from the sun.
  50. Feminine hygiene supplies: Self explanatory.
  51. Supplements and vitamins: Just buy two containers every time. Use one and stock the other.
  52. Gasoline: Run your car a bit longer.

duct tapeBe prepared!

-The Alternative Daily

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