5 Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Friendship

When there are miles between you and your bestie, it’s important to keep up with each other’s lives. No longer can you meet at the local coffee shop and chat over a cup of chai, or just pop over to one another’s house to say “hi”.

It’s more of a challenge when there is distance keeping you from each other, but it is doable.


Sending random texts to each other is a great way to let your friend know that you’re thinking about them.

Facetime or Skype

Instead of just talking on the phone, Facetime or Skype each other. It’s way more intimate seeing each other face to face. Plan a dinner date and fill each other in on your lives


Plan on visiting each other at least once a year, and take turns traveling to one another’s houses. Another option would be to meet at a place that neither of you have been before. That way, you can share in the experience of seeing something new together.


friendshipWho doesn’t like to get letters and packages? And what a great way to show your BFF that you are thinking of them. Send cards – not only on special occasions, but at different times during the year. If you see a trinket or something that reminds you of your friend, pick it up and send it to them.


Just to hear their voice. It will not only bring a smile to your face, but it will brighten their day also.

Remember to be there for your friend. There may be miles between you, but always be available. The only thing that has changed is where you live. Try not to let life get in the way of keeping in contact with your bestie, and make every effort possible to let them know how much you value their friendship.

-The Alternative Daily

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