5 Natural Health Tips for Flu Season

5 Natural Health Tips for Flu Season

There is no question that flu season is upon us. There are lots of ways to naturally prevent getting the flu if you are willing to be diligent and consistent.

5 Natural Health Tips for Flu SeasonTip #1 – Get Enough Sleep

Your immune system works at optimal levels if you are well rested and full of energy. The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person. However, generally young children need at least eight to 10 hours of sleep nightly. Adults need approximately eight hours of sleep nightly.

Tip #2 – Up Your Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best immune system boosters and can help fight off colds and the flu. You can get vitamin C from citrus and tropical fruits, such as oranges, mandarins, pineapple and mangos.

Tip #3 – Wash Your Hands Regularly  

Washing your hands frequently is a simple and easy way to keep your hands free from bacteria and viruses that you may unconsciously encounter. Most of us are not aware of how often we touch our face, including our eyes, nose and mouth, during the day. Basic soap and hot water work well to clean your hands.

Tip #4 – Stay Hydrated

During the summer, drinking lots of water seems natural because it is hot outside and drinking water is a great way to cool down. However, drinking lots of water allows your body to quickly flush toxins and keep you healthy.

Tip #5 – Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

Many people have low vitamin D levels because they do not spend much time outside in the sun. However, vitamin D is a vital nutrient that helps boost our immune system and fights off many illnesses. You can get vitamin D by spending time outside in the sun, eating vitamin D enriched dairy products or eating green leafy vegetables.

By taking a few simple and basic preventive measures, you might find it easier to avoid getting sick this year. Since the flu season has started a bit earlier than normal this season, it is certainly time to start being a bit more vigilant when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

What type of natural remedies have worked for you?

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