5 Easy Things to Do Each Day to Feel More Alive

We all know what it feels like to drag through the day, or even part of the day. It is normal to have dips and rises in energy in relation to what we are doing and eating. However, rather than reach for that “sugary” treat that will do more harm than good, try one of these five great tips to get your blood flowing and your body energized.


The health benefits associated with laughter are often overlooked. However, author of the book Laughter, Robert R. Provine, PhD, states that laughter elevates blood pressure and boosts the heart rate.

This will help anyone who is feeling sluggish. So, keep those corny jokes in the back of your mind, or even a few really funny videos in a file on your desktop. Switch out your afternoon muffin and coffee for a quick two-minute video and you will be in business.


Invigorating stretches are an excellent way to increase circulation, and can be an exciting addition to a dull day. Timothy McCall, MD, a yoga instructor in California states that stimulating the sympathetic nervous system is beneficial to the whole body.

For a good pick-me-up stretch, stand in a doorway, facing forward. Keep your feet a few inches apart and hang on to the sides of the door frame with your fingers. Move your chest forward until you feel the stretch in your sides and back. Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat as necessary.

Power Snacks

When your blood sugar starts to drop a little it is extremely useful to have a small power snack. It is important to note that your snack should contain healthy items. Be very careful of packaged “healthy” snacks such as power or protein bars. Many of these bars contain loads of sugar and possibly GMO ingredients.

Stick to whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, raw nuts or seeds. Remember to always include a little protein with your snack. Good options include an organic apple and a piece of organic cheese. A handful of raw nuts and a banana, or some organic yogurt sprinkled with Chia seeds are a few great examples. Carrot sticks and hummus are also tasty options. It is amazing how much better you will feel once you consume some stabilizing nutrients.

Exercise Outdoors

Getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine has multiple benefits. Just 15 minutes of sunshine mixed in with a brisk walk increases circulation, floods your body with oxygen, stimulates your muscles and gives you an energy-boosting hit of vitamin D. If you work indoors under artificial light, it is imperative to get some time outside each day.

Citrus Aroma Infusion

Aromatherapy has gained significant attention in the last decade. Known for their ability to invigorate, citrus aromas such as orange, lemon and grapefruit can become your best friends on a day when you would rather laze around.

orange oilThe sensational fragrance of citrus will not only boost your energy, but also your mood and cognitive function. Try keeping a few cotton balls and some citrus essential oils in your desk drawer.

When your head starts to droop, reach for your oil and cotton and take a short breather to let the aroma perk you up. Place a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and breathe through your nose deeply, taking in the energizing aroma.

-The Alternative Daily

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