3 Reasons Your Synthetic Multi-Vitamin Isn’t Working

3 Reasons Your Synthetic Multi-Vitamin Isn’t Working

There are many people who believe that all they need to do to give their body the proper nutrition it needs is to swallow a multi-vitamin and forget about it. Of course, it isn’t that easy – taking pills is never a magic cure all; they can’t make up for all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the body needs through a balanced diet.

3 Reasons Your Synthetic Multi-Vitamin Isn’t WorkingThat doesn’t mean that supplements aren’t a good idea either. For most people, they’re a necessity due to nutritionally deficient diets filled with too many processed foods, high fructose syrup, refined grains, sugars, and so on.

Throwing another wrench into the mix is the problem with the rapidly declining nutritional value of our food. The soil in which the food is grown is becoming more nutritionally deficient with commercial farms growing crops in the same area for years the soil doesn’t have the time it needs to replenish the nutrients and minerals that healthy crops require.

Your diet is the key to healthy living

A multi-vitamin, no matter what shape or form can’t replace an unhealthy diet. It’s more important than ever to eat as many nutrient-packed foods as possible by choosing fresh, organic, locally grown food and avoiding toxins, processed foods and GMOs.

Of course, in our fast-paced lives, it isn’t always easy to eat the most optimal diet every single day, and natural supplements can certainly play a part in helping us achieve better health. Note: the word “natural” is what’s important here.

Synthetic supplements

Supplements are still an important factor in staying healthy with our modern lifestyles and the difficulty in getting a diet that is nutritiously sufficient every day, but synthetic vitamins and minerals aren’t giving the body what it needs. Made from synthetic chemicals that have been produced in a lab, they aren’t absorbed by the body the way that vitamins and minerals found in food are taken in.

In fact, experts estimate that less than half of a synthetic vitamin is actually used by the body with some research indicating that as little as 10% of synthetically made supplements are absorbed.

Unwanted ingredients in multi-vitamins

In addition to not providing the body with the optimal nutrition it needs to run smoothly, most synthetic vitamins have some form of coloring such as Titanium Dioxide in addition to sugars, artificial flavorings and preservatives intended to extend the shelf life. These unwanted ingredients tend to cause inflammation in the body, ultimately making things worse than if you’d never taken your multi-vitamin at all.

The bottom line

Natural supplements can be beneficial to the body as they’re made from food, not compounds like acetylene gas or coal tar. They are more easily absorbed and are free from those harmful chemicals and toxins.

Eating nutritiously combined with taking natural supplements will provide the body with the energy it needs to get through the most difficult days, while helping to protect it from a host of illness and disease and allowing you to live life to the fullest!

What daily supplements or multi-vitamins do you take? Are they synthetic or natural?

– The Alternative Daily

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