3 Libido Killing Foods: Your Diet Might be Stalling Your Sex Drive

3 Libido Killing Foods: Your Diet Might be Stalling Your Sex Drive

If you find yourself saying “not tonight,” it might be the fault of what you are eating. Low libido has become a serious problem for many couples and research has shown that much of it is related to daily diet habits. So if you want to up your mojo and liven up your nights, avoid these libido killing foods!

3 Libido Killing Foods: Your Diet Might be Stalling Your Sex DriveSoy

While organic or fermented soy in small amounts can be a good addition to your diet (miso, tempeh, natto, soy sauce) eating it in large amounts, especially unfermented GMO soy, can definitely put a damper on your sexual desire. For men, soy decreases testosterone levels. It can also lower sperm counts and create fertility problems for couples trying to conceive. Although soy has been used as a supplemental food for women going through menopause, eaten in large quantities, it can also decrease desire levels in women.

Graham Crackers

Did you know that graham crackers were originally developed as a “cure” for excessive masturbation? In 1829, Dr. Graham’s Honey Biscuits were developed and although his belief that the tasty snack could stop “carnal desires” was never scientifically proven, the common ingredients in graham crackers can, in fact, decrease sexual desire.

Graham crackers are made with refined white flour and refined sugar. In today’s version, graham crackers are also chock-full of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. In men, these ingredients can decrease testosterone levels. Excessive fat can increase cause excessive estrogen levels in both men and women, contributing to a lowered sex drive.


It is no secret that excessive alcohol can lead to performance problems in men. In addition to causing erectile problems, alcohol can cause you to become sleepy and relaxed and simply not interested in having sex.

Red Meat

Although lean meat is a good source of protein, eating red meat that is pumped full of antibiotics can be a killer when it comes to both heart health and libido. Antibiotics are often given to cattle at feed lots to add on weight as they get ready to go to market. However, antibiotic-laden red meat can cause havoc with natural sexual hormones in both men and women.

Lots of foods can contribute to simply feeling uninterested in sex. Foods like asparagus, spicy foods and others can cause stinky and uncomfortable lingering effects. Also, overeating can make sexual activity uncomfortable. Adopting a balanced healthy diet can cause you become more interested in sex because you are feeling better physically. Your self confidence may go up because you are losing weight and proud of how you look in your newly svelte body.

What kills the mood for you? What sexes it up?

– The Alternative Daily

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