11 Signs That Your Adrenals Are Spent

  1. Dark circles under your eyes

tiredWhile it’s true that adrenal fatigue can affect your sleep, dark circles under your eyes are in large part due to a disruption in blood circulation — something that can be caused by the dehydration and emotional stress of adrenal fatigue.

How to fight adrenal fatigue

Unfortunately, there’s no “magical cure” or wondrous supplement which can treat your adrenal fatigue and get your body back into the groove of things again. That’s the bad news. The good news is that allowing your adrenals to recuperate is simpler than you might have thought. It involves simply taking time out, time away from your fast-paced life and a break from the constant stress of work, money and life in general.

Consider taking up meditation, cultivating mindfulness and embracing constant movement throughout your day. All of these practices can provide some much-needed relaxation time both for your body and your brain, briefly halting those stress signals being constantly sent from your brain to your adrenals and allowing them to recharge.

Other big things you can do to help your adrenals is getting plenty of sleep, eating filling, wholesome meals while avoiding sugary or sodium-rich snacks and cutting back on your caffeine intake. Keep in mind that exercise is good, but too much can harm your adrenals even more, as intense and prolonged exercise promotes the production of cortisol which, as we know, puts pressure on the adrenals. Look after your body and your adrenals will thank you!

Liivi Hess

In addition to the actions outlined above, you might like to try these herbs as a way to get your adrenals back on track.

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