#1 Best Exercise for Fat Loss

If you are of the mindset that long, drawn out workouts are best for boosting fat loss, you have been misinformed. There is a secret to maximizing your fat loss that not many people know about. If you have struggled with a stubborn belly roll even if your diet is ultra healthy, high-intensity training (HIT) may be just what you need to melt the fat away.

Low intensity exercise is when your heart rate is about 60% to 65% of your maximum (to find your maximum take your age away from 220). High intensity exercise is defined as about 75% to 85% of your maximum heart rate.

Low Intensity vs. High Intensity

Low intensity exercise burns calories while you are participating in the chosen activity. On the other hand, high intensity exercise boosts your metabolism long after you have stopped exercising – for as long as 24 hours depending on the intensity of your training session. If you work out in the morning, you will burn calories all day long – that is a bonus for sure.

Low intensity exercise does not build up or support existing muscle mass. Muscle mass is critical to fat loss because muscle burns fat even when it is not working. The best way to keep your body burning fat is to build and upkeep your muscle mass. Don’t worry, you will not bulk up like Popeye if you are participating in high intensity exercise, you will just be a fine tuned fat burning machine.

How Does High Intensity Training Work?

If you are new to HIT, it is best to start with a cardio machine and an interval training program. Begin with a light warm up and move into a high intensity, short burst of exertion, stage. After this, you will drop back to a low level of intensity for a short time and back again to a high intensity. This is repeated several times and followed by a cool down.

Try 30 seconds of high intensity followed by 30 seconds at low intensity and repeat this pattern for 10 minutes. You can also run at a pace that you can only keep up for five minutes and follow this by walking for 2 minutes and back to running for 5 minutes; repeat this for up to 15 minutes depending on your fitness level.

You can do a high intensity workout with any cardiovascular exercise and also combine exercises. For example, you may swing a kettlebell for high intensity and walk briskly in pace for the low intensity part. The key is to find something that you really like and alternate between low intensity and high intensity bursts. It is best to do this type of exercise 2 to 3 times a week for best results.

runAdditional Benefits of HIT

High intensity training is efficient and perfect for those who are strapped for time. No more hour-long workouts to fit in with your hectic schedule.
Once you get the hang of high intensity training you can exercise with minimal or no equipment.

  • You will lose fat not muscle.
  • You can train anywhere.
  • You can chose your exercises and build your own routine.
  • You will be challenged and see rapid results.

Remember, if you are new to exercise, you should speak to a healthcare professional before starting a high intensity training routine.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” -John Wooden

-The Alternative Daily

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